RiverWalk trail is the ultimate urban/scenic nature walk. Beginning where the Blackwater Creek Trail ends on Jefferson Street, RiverWalk first travels along Riverfront Park through historic downtown Lynchburg. This section of downtown has become a truly unique area, offering visitors a chance to visit a nationally-renowned children’s museum, rent a bike, do some hot or vinyasa yoga, take in some art, or simply grab a pizza and a local pint

The multi-use trail then crosses onto Percival’s Island, a beautiful natural area with earthen trails criss-crossing its length. The heavily wooded island was once a busy industrial area, including a train yard, but there are few signs of its previous uses now. Visitors enjoy the shade and river breezes from the water, and early morning and evening visitors will likely spot a variety of wildlife along the trail. The trail extends to Amherst County, and visitors can continue along the trail before returning back to Lynchburg across the James.  This flat, handicapped accessible, paved trail is popular with hikers, bikers, and runners all year long

Entrances and Parking
From the Lynchburg side of the river, trail-goers can enter at the parking area at Washington Street and Concord Turnpike.   For visitors from Amherst County, access to the trail is at the terminus of Fertilizer Road, past the Central Virginia Training Center. 

Fishing is permitted in accordance with State of Virginia fishing regulations, and swimming and glass containers are not allowed.  

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Percival’s Island Natural Area

Percival’s Island is a familiar landmark in downtown Lynchburg.  Visitors may see herons, migrating waterfowl and many native plants and animals as they follow the paved trail, which bisects the natural area.  The James River is the backdrop for any visit to the island, featuring views of both calm pools and rushing waters.

Anyone wishing to spend a quiet afternoon or quick bike ride while enjoying views of the James River will find a lovely park with many special places to explore.