Contact Information:
720 Winston Ridge Rd Lynchburg, VA 24501
Phone: (434) 455-4001
Voicemail: (434) 455-5874

Staff Bios:

Brittany Helm  |  Community Recreation Programmer  |  Jackson Heights Art Studio Manager

Hannah Serapiglia  |  Recreation Specialist

Trish Barlowe  |  Recreation Aide

Erik Bachelle  |  Recreation Aide

Instructor Bios:

Sara Billings  |  Pottery

Carter Martin  |  Stained Glass

Abi McCarter  |  Pottery

Kenneth Tinklenberg  |  Pottery

Barb Syndor  |  Pottery




Enjoy Lynchburg’s hidden gem, the Jackson Heights Art Studio, which specializes in pottery and stained glass! This unique neighborhood art studio features 10 potter’s wheels, a slab roller table, extruder, and a variety of clay and glazes for creating hand-built and wheel projects. Stained Glass artists are provided with grinders, light boxes, an array of textured and colored glass sheets, solder, and tools to make colorful window hangings. Our seasoned instructors practice hand over hand instruction, and diligently work to cultivate a space of creativity and growth. All experience levels welcome. To see updates on classes and projects created in the studio, follow our Instagram page @JacksonHeightsArtStudio

Located at 720 Winston Ridge Road, right off of 460, the Jackson Heights Art Studio was originally built as an elementary school known as Jacksontown School, and has cultivated community in a variety of ways since the early 1900s. It opened as the Jackson Heights Art Studio in January, 2013, to serve the art community from Lynchburg and the surrounding Central Virginia areas. Parking for the Art Studio at Jackson Heights is located in the rear of the building. 

Currently, the Arts Studio is open for the following activities:


  • Pottery  |  6:00pm–9:00pm 



  • Pottery  |  9:00am–12:00pm
  • Pottery  |  6:00pm–9:00pm



  • Pottery  |  9:00am–12:00pm
  • Pottery  | 6:00pm–9:00pm



  • Stained Glass  |  6:00pm–9:00pm



  • Varied Specialty Workshops



  • Open Studio


The studio offers:

  • 10 Pottery Wheels
  • Slab roller
  • 3 Kilns
  • Large variety of hand building molds and textures 
  • 9 Stained Glass Grinders
  • 5 Light Boxes for Stained Glass
  • A large variety of unique colored glass
  • Natural lighting and airy open space


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