Scholarship Fund

The scholarship program helps make Parks and Recreation activities, classes and camps affordable to all Lynchburg City residents. Activity registration for scholarship recipients must be done in-person.

Any Lynchburg Resident meeting the requirements set by the Scholarship Application may apply for a scholarship for the following:

  • Athletics programs
  • Aquatics programs
  • Programs at Community and Neighborhood Centers
  • Naturalist programs


Download the scholarship application here, or for more information call Customer Service at (434) 455-5858.


Creekside Trail Rx Program

There are miles of the trail that are still closed due to flash flood damage. Once the College Lake Dam overtopped, all of our parks and trails downstream from the dam suffered major damage. Three bridges were washed out along with over 300 downed trees, 40 new sandbars, 45 areas of stream bank erosion and tons of debris; it is going to be a long road back to pre-storm conditions. Funds raised here will be used to restore the Creekside Trail, rebuild the bridges, and restore those banks and stream beds. The damage was estimated at 5.3 million dollars and FEMA funding is no longer an option. This leaves Lynchburg to foot the bill for the Creekside Trail restoration efforts. Capital Improvement Project funds will be limited as well. Join us, in conjunction with the Friends of Lynchburg Parks and Recreation (a 501(c)(3) charitable organization), in helping make Lynchburg a great place to play.