Lynchburg Parks Kindness Rocks!
Respectfully submitted: Jennifer Jones, Director, Lynchburg Parks and Recreation Department The Lynchburg Parks and Recreation Department is excited about the Lynchburg Kindness Rocks movement! Why? It encourages…
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Visit the New Children’s Butterfly Garden in Riverside Park
 A wonderful metamorphosis has taken place in the southeast corner of Riverside Park near the Miller-Claytor House. A flat grassy area at the edge of the…
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Top 5 Benefits of Parks and Recreation
Respectfully Submitted: Jennifer Jones, Director Lynchburg Parks and Recreation Department Parks and Recreation is an essential city function that provides countless value to our citizens. It is…
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Riverside Park Access Road and Main Parking Lot Closed for Electrical Work
CONTACT:                                                                                                                                          Howard CoveyParks & Recreation Department(434) 455-5875FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE11/16/16 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  RIVERSIDE PARK ACCESS ROAD AND MAIN PARKING LOT CLOSED FOR ELECTRICAL WORKOn Thursday, November 17, 2016,…
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Graduates – Cap It Off Parks Style!
Congratulations, Class of 2016! It’s been a treacherous journey, but, you’re here. Graduation is upon you and maybe you have a perfect job set up, or…
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The Tree Hugging Hippies Were Right After All | Part IV
This the fourth post in a six part blog introducing the Lynchburg Parks and Recreation Department’s, “Please Do Hug the Trees” campaign. If you haven't already…
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Six Ways to Celebrate Earth Day
Turn off the TV, break out the bike, and get outside. If you haven't heard, April 22 is EARTH DAY! So, take the time to give…
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The Next Big Thing in Parks and Recreation
  The Next Big Thing in Parks and Recreation was a team-building exercise that challenged our staff to think way outside the box to come up with a…
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Hammocking 101
The best part about using a hammock other than how ridiculously comfy they are to lie in? They're easy to set up, a great way to…
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Top 5 Parks and Trails in Lynchburg for Fall Foliage
The leaves are falling! The leaves are falling! Catch the last of the beautiful autumn scenery before it's gone. Let’s take a look at the top 5…
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