Turn off the TV, break out the bike, and get outside. If you haven’t heard, April 22 is EARTH DAY! So, take the time to give back to Mother Earth for what she gives to us 365 days a year. Yes, even on her own designated day of celebration, the Earth doesn’t take a break. So how can you give back? Well, we’re glad you asked.

Visit a Park or Trail

Obviously! This is one of the simplest ways to show your appreciation. Lynchburg has a variety of parks for kids, dogs, athletes, and picnic-ers! We are also proud to offer a variety of trails that fit everyone’s ability level. Before you leave the house, check these tips for a safe and fun trail hike. And, don’t forget to Please Do Hug the Trees while you’re at it!

Carpool to Work

Again, carpooling seems like an obvious choice, but how many of us are guilty of riding solo to work when our co-workers are living on the same block? Carpooling is a pretty easy way to cut back on your carbon footprint – so ditch the solo-ride to work and enjoy the company of a fellow co-worker for a day! Or if you’re feeling really fit, ride your bike to work. Sometimes a change in routine is beneficial as well.

Plant a Tree

Although this can be more time extensive, it can totally be worth it. Trees are one of the largest contributors to clean air and sustainable communities. If you live in an apartment or don’t have an adequate spot, consider potted plants. There are many options. Also, keep an eye and ear out for Urban Homesteading Series with Azalea–a four-part lecture series to help make your home more sustainable!

Gather a Group to Volunteer

Spend your Earth day outside with Parks and Recreation! Volunteer to help clean up one of our parks or trails, or spend some time landscaping. If you’d like to volunteer more regularly, our Adopt-A-Trail program is a fun and rewarding way to connect with mother nature while also volunteering and doing good for our community. Contact Tamara Reynolds, our volunteer coordinator at tamara.reynolds@lynchburgva.gov, to discuss volunteer options.

Watch an Environmentally Friendly Themed Movie or Show

Yes, this seems a little counter-productive–but take this as an “if all else fails” approach. Watch a movie themed around the environment that may inspire conservation. These include Dr. Suess’s The Lorax, WALL-E, Hoot, or Planet Earth. This is in no way an exhausted list, but we’ve provided a few suggestions to get you started. You could even go “old-school” and re-watch the Captain Planet series.  Here’s the Captain Planet theme song to get you in the Earth-day mood.


Enjoy the Sky Above at Night

We are hosting a “Meteors by Moonlight” activity from 8:30-9:30 p.m. at Riverside Park. Swing by to gaze at the full moon through a telescope and check out the annual Lyrid meteor shower as we learn about the night sky. Sign-up online by April 20 for just $4 or plan your own star-gazing trip. 


How ever you choose to spend your Earth Day, take a moment to appreciate what Mother Earth provides us and inspire others to do the same! For official Earth Day 2016 information, click the blue button below. 

Earth Day 2016