Summer is the season to get out and get active! Whether you are a low-key walker or an avid hiker, your local trails are here for your pleasure.  Escape those four walls this summer and explore Lynchburg’s numerous trails with Lynchburg Parks and Rec.  Here are five ways to prepare for your trail adventures.

Beaver Trail


1. Know your trail and dress accordingly

The trails of Lynchburg vary in difficulty, length, and purpose, so you want to dress for the trail you are planning to use this summer. If you are planning to walk Blackwater Creek Bikeway or Point of Honor Trail, you can wear everyday clothing or work attire and still be comfortable. Whereas you will want loose, light clothing that will wick away perspiration if you are planning a trip to Creekside Trail or Beaver Trail. Whichever trail you choose to walk this summer, wear comfortable shoes that you can walk in for an extended time, and it’s never a bad idea to bring a hat, sunglasses and a light jacket for early morning visits.

Trail Description

2. Bring snacks and water

Staying hydrated and energized in the heat of summer is essential to keeping alert on the trail. Several trail entrances have water fountains (Ed Page Entrance, Jefferson Park Entrance, and Hollins Mill Entrance) but it is wise to carry your own. Trail mix, granola, or candy bars are perfect snacks to re-energize yourself before, during, and after your activity.  

3. Take your time

One of the fun aspects of the Lynchburg trails is the number of stops and side trails that exist along the way. Along Creekside Trail you will find bare pockets and a path where you can step onto larger rocks during low water levels. When you find one of these quaint spots, take a few minutes to listen to the water flowing by and the wind in the trees. For those that are more adventurous, there are plenty of smaller trails that lead to neighborhoods, roadways, and other trails.  

4. Pick up a map

Before you start aimlessly wandering side trails, be sure to grab a trail map located at each trail entrance. Our James River Heritage trail map shows the whole trail system including Percival’s Island, while our Blackwater Creek Trail map gives you a little more detail on the smaller, more adventurous trails.  Trail maps come in handy for first-time trail users as well. They will give you a better idea of the lay of the land and keep you on track with where you want to go.


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5. Invite your friends, or not. 

The trails are a great, minimal cost activity to plan with friends and family. You can pack a lunch and eat at a nearby park, Ivy Creek Park has a large pavilion with a short trail looping Clemmons Lake, Riverside Park connects with the Alpine Trail and has a picnic area as well. Looking for a little solitude, a place to think? Our smaller trails are the perfect place to escape and commune with nature. Do some solo exploring and enjoy the peace and quiet that comes with a solo hike.   Your local trails are fun, diverse, easy to access, and cost-free! Take advantage of what Lynchburg Parks and Recreation has to offer. Also, be sure to share your experiences (#lynchburgparksandrec) with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!