When did you start working for Lynchburg Parks and Recreation? 

December 2005

What do you love most about working for Lynchburg Parks and Recreation?  

I love being part of the Lynchburg City organization, first of all.  We’re all one big team (all City departments) with the residents, working together to make this a better place to call home. Parks & Rec, specifically, has provided me with so many opportunities to do cool and new things from front-line customer service to overseeing capital construction projects to helping kids with their homework. That diversity certainly keeps my brain from getting into a rut.  And knowing that we provide services and features that really help improve the quality of life for the region is all that much more satisfying.

What is your favorite park? 

Blackwater Creek Natural Area, hands down.

What is your favorite Lynchburg Parks and Recreation memory?

Too many to count! I’ve gotten to work with so many great people, both customers and co-workers, on so many cool events and projects that it’s really hard to pick just one as “my favorite.”  I think my favorite memories all involve happy participants, from the kids on my youth basketball team after a great win, to the people who come out for our Movies In The Park event with their families and friends.  Who doesn’t enjoy working with and around people who are having a good time?