Trail Entrance:
Blackwater Creek Athletic Area
Point of Honor Trail

The Creekside Trail can be accessed directly from Blackwater Creek Athletic Area and the Point of Honor Trail.  Visitors can follow the trail as it winds along Blackwater Creek for approximately five (5) miles.

The gravel path is level and suitable for both bikers and hikers. The trail is marked with yellow blazes, and connects to the Marsh Farm Trail, Elk Trail, Freer Interpretive Loop Trail, Beaver Trail, Jefferson Park Trail, and the Point of Honor Trail. Neighborhood entrances are located at Hill Street, Langhorne Road, Peninsular Street, Thomson Drive and Hillsdale Road. With six (6) bridges along the trail, children especially will enjoy exploring the sights and sounds of the creek along the way.

A wide variety of lowland species of trees, shrubs and perennial plants are found along the banks, including sycamore, willow and joe-pye weed. Deer and beaver can be seen along the stream banks, and year-round birds as well as migrating species frequent the rich habitat along the stream valley.