How long have you worked with Lynchburg Parks and Recreation?

I started with Parks and Rec as an intern from the University of Lynchburg in January of 2020 and was briefly a volunteer until October of the same year when I accepted a paid position with the Diamond Hill Recreation Center.

What do you love most about working for Lynchburg Parks and Recreation?

The best part about working at Diamond Hill Neighborhood Center is that every day is something new. I feel like work can become monotonous when you are doing the same thing every day, but there is never a dull day at Diamond Hill. Between all the activities and antics of the kids, you will never experience the same day twice, and that is the best part!

Why is Peaks View Park your favorite park?

My favorite trail would have to be Percival’s Island because it was within walking distance of my house growing up and I would go down there all the time with my brothers and ride bikes or play in the river.

What is your favorite Lynchburg Parks and Recreation memory?

My favorite memory was volunteering at the 2020 Daddy/Daughter Dance when the song “Let it Go” from the movie Frozen came on. Seeing all the girls singing and dancing with their dads was such a special moment.