Renting Miller Center:

Lynchburg Parks and Recreation, miller centerMiller Center provides a 184 seat theater, multiple conference rooms and classrooms and meeting spaces for public and private use. When Parks and Recreation, City Departments or our partner organizations have not reserved these spaces, they are available for rental to the public. Learn more about renting Miller Center below.

To Reserve:

  1. Contact our offices at (434) 455-5858, or visit us in person at 301 Grove Street between 8:30am–5:00pm, Monday–Friday to determine facility availability.
  2. Fill out the Facility, Park Use, and Special Event Questionnaire.
  3. Fill out the correct permit based on your answers to the questionnaire. – Simple UseExpanded Use, or Special Event Application.
  4. Fill out any additional paperwork required for your event, and coordinate additional permit requirements with Parks and Recreation staff.


Note: The rental is not reserved until payment is received. The above forms must be completed and either mailed, or delivered in-person, along with the payment. Reservations must be completed no later than 7 business days prior to the reservation date.


Renting Rooms for Meetings, Classes, and Conferences:

The following rooms are available for meetings, classes and conferences in 2 hour blocks (Monday–Friday, 8:30am–9:00pm) (Saturday & Sunday, 9:00am–9:00pm). To begin the rental process, follow the steps laid out in the above section. Prices shown below are rates for 2 hours.

Type Capacity Cost Rate per 2 Hours
Room 102  |  Community Room 116 $75 M–F  |  $125 Sat–Sun
 Room 101  |  Kitchen (Only available as an add-on to another room)   $25 M–F  |  $25 Sat–Sun
Room 207  |  Dance/Exercise/Classroom 41 $50 M–F  |  $75 Sat–Sun
Room 304  |  Classroom  41 $50 M–F  |  $75 Sat–Sun 
 Room 306  |  Classroom 41 $50 M–F  |  $75 Sat–Sun 
 Room 308  |  Classroom 23 $35 M–F  |  $60 Sat–Sun 



Renting Miller Center Theatre for Performances:

Use of the Miller Center Theater for Performances is allowed through use of an Expanded Use permit. Download this file from our website and contact customer service at (434) 455-5858, or visit us in person at 301 Grove Street between 8:30am–5:00pm, Monday–Friday to determine facility availability before submitting.

When renting the Miller Center Theatre, there is a three hour minimum rental time required. This time and rate (shown below) includes all staging, set up and cleanup. Additional hours will be billed at a rate of $75/hour. Additional days needed for pre-performance activities are also billed at the same rate. Learn about the theatre rental rules here.

Type Capacity 2-hour Minimum Rate
 Room 205  |  Theatre

Audience – 201

Seats – 184

Stage – 52

  $150 M–F  |  $200 Sat–Sun
+$50/hour after 2 hours
Performance Package Theatre Capacity 3-hour Minimum Rate
 Room 205  |  Theatre
(includes 2nd floor lobby, canteen,
and Room 207 for staging/dressing)

Audience – 201

Seats – 184

Stage – 52

+$75/hour after 3 hours