2338 Light Street Lynchburg, VA 24501

Located in the quiet and pleasant Fairview neighborhood, Younger Park is surrounded by the back yards of adjacent homes. The park has over seven acres of land with a number of large canopy trees on a rolling terrain. The peaceful aspect and small scale of the park fit well into the surrounding neighborhood. Younger Park underwent Master Planning in the fall of 2004. Capital funding from the City of Lynchburg was used to complete the renovations in summer of 2011. Designated as a neighborhood park, the renovations added a new basketball court and playground, as well as two picnic tables and grills, and a small “trike track” for younger children. Also included was new lighting, signage, park amenities, and a new parking area with additional spaces.


Younger Park was one of numerous holdings by Dr. E. Franklin Younger, who was a figure of “…love and respect” within the Fairview neighborhood of Lynchburg. At the time the land  was given to Lynchburg, it was in Campbell County, but annexation placed it firmly in the City of Lynchburg’s boundaries.

In an article in The News, dated May 14, 1957, which details the dedication of Younger Woods Park on the previous day, an explanation for the naming of the park is given by Mayor John L. Suttenfield, who told those assembled that the children of the neighborhood had named it “Younger Woods”.  Also present at the ceremony were City Recreation Director, Floyd K. McKenna, City Manager Robert D. Morrison and Mrs. Morrison and Director James D. Wright of Lynchburg City Public Works.

Park Amenities:
  • Basketball court
  • Playground
  • Picnic tables
  • Grills
  • Trike track