It’s here! It’s here! Santa brought us the best gift ever this year – the new Lynchburg Parks and Rec Trail Map


What’s so exciting about this new map? So many things. 

1. It shows ALL THE TRAILS.  

That’s right. No more two-map system over here. We’ve taken the Trails of Blackwater Creek map and the James River Heritage Trail map and made one super-map we think you will love. 

2. It’s color coded.

Yes, we know, you are all trail experts and know your way around already. But there are so many people that visit Lynchburg to walk and ride our beautiful trail system, and we want to make it easier for them to find their way. Plus, colors are fun, so – win/win. 

3. It has mile markers. 

Yes, our old maps had these too, but since this is super important for runners/walkers/bikers in training, we wanted to mention them anyway. High five!

4. It includes our new trail name – the Blackwater Creek Trail.

Confused? We don’t blame you. Although many people have referred to our trail system throughout the years as the “Blackwater Creek Trail,” that trail name did not actually exist. Crazy, right? The “Blackwater Creek Bikeway” is the official name of the paved trail that goes from the Eg Page Entrance (Near the Greek Orthodox Church) to the Jefferson Street ramp (near Amazement Square). But, we’ve decided to embrace the local popular term and rename the “Blackwater Creek Bikeway” to the “Blackwater Creek Trail.” A big deal? No, not really – but now that we’ve made it official, we thought you should know. 

5. It’s pretty. The end. 


Pick up your copy of the new map at Miller Center, the Lynchburg Visitor’s Center, or at one of our trail kiosks.

We will be working to switch out the kiosk maps and outdated trail signage over the next few weeks. Thanks for your patience, and we hope you enjoy Lynchburg’s parks and trails this holiday season!