How long have you worked with Lynchburg Parks and Recreation?

6 years

What do you love most about working for Lynchburg Parks and Recreation?

Knowing that we are in a perfect position to make the greatest impact for the collective of Lynchburg. Being uniquely positioned to serve inner city neighborhoods as well as greater Lynchburg–improving the human condition and raising the community vibration through parks, trails and programs. No where else in the City of Lynchburg do all people feel welcomed whether they are the wealthiest person or do not a dime in their pocket. So what I love most about Lynchburg Parks and Recreation is the potential to make a huge positive difference in all lives given our position in the community. We provide the places that create lifetime memories.

Why is Percival’s Island your favorite trail?

I love crossing the James River on a footbridge and the idea of being on an Island while still inside the Lynchburg City limits. The atmosphere is surreal as you walk inside a green canopied tunnel lost in your thoughts while a major highway plays host to a bustling convoy of cars just overhead. The deer almost seem tame on Percival Island as do the folks walking the trail lost in nature, meditating in motion. In the marsh area near Fertilizer Road is a yellow warbler block party, especially in the evenings. Percival Island is very unique and a Lynchburg Treasure. It’s where I go to feed my soul.

What is your favorite Lynchburg Parks and Recreation memory?

I loved the tour and inadvertent interview that Kay Frazier, previous Director conducted with me. I specifically remember her showing me the Aviary and her pride in Capital Improvement Projects that happened at the Miller Center, City Stadium and in Riverside Park. I didn’t realize at the time that I would be replacing her as Director and this would be her last tour of her Lynchburg Parks and Recreation accomplishments. Looking back, I think it is sad. I wish I would have asked more questions and savored the moment and acknowledged the significance with her.



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