How long have you worked with Lynchburg Parks and Recreation?:

Less than one year (9 months)

What do you love most about working for Lynchburg Parks and Recreation?:

I love being a part of a team that does so much to enrich the lives of our community. I love to serve.

Why is the Blackwater Creek Trail your favorite trail?:

The trail is a nice place to “escape” from everyday stresses. I love the beauty of our trails and its variety of scenery. It is easy to forget that you are in the city. Of all that Parks and Rec has to offer, The Blackwater Trail is what our family uses most.

What is your favorite Lynchburg Parks and Recreation memory?:

I really enjoyed working with local youth for a couple weeks during Trailblazers, a Summer youth program.  



Phone: 434-455-5861