Treasures Under Our Feet | Become a Rockhound

Miller Center
$45.00 LR | $55.00
6:00 PM
9:00 PM

Did you know that Virginia offers some of the most diverse and amazing rocks and minerals on the planet, including amethyst, kyanite, moonstone, smoky quartz, garnets, prehnite, epidote, hematite, and hundreds of others?

Unearth the basics of your local geology, how to “sniff out” mineral deposits, how to use simple tools and materials to identify what you have found, the basics of cutting, trimming, and polishing your treasures, and more!

You will be given the opportunity to examine a multitude of rocks and minerals collected locally, learn the basics of testing procedures to help identify your own finds, and will be given a multitude of resources to help you get a good, solid start to your own Rockhounding adventures. Register by 7/24.

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