Toddler Series

$8.00 LR | $10.00
10:00 AM
11:00 AM
Splat Painting

Let’s make some splatter art! Your little one will sling paint covered ping pong balls at a canvas. Your kids will have fun making a mess that you don’t have to clean up, all while strengthening their gross motor skills by practicing hand-eye coordination, integrated movement and bilateral skills. Dress for a mess! Meet at Riverfront Park. Register by 9/5.

September 8


Drip Painting

Let’s make some art! Come create a masterpiece worthy of the Museum of Modern Art. This technique was popularized by American painter Jackson Pollock during the abstract expressionist movement in the 1940’s by pouring or splashing liquid paint onto a horizontal surface. Dress for a mess! Meet at Riverfront Park. Register by 10/17.

October 20


Leaf Threading

Engage with nature through the smells, sights and textures of fall in this sensory rich experience. While exploring the Woodland Trail at Ivy Creek Park we will collect leaves of different sizes, shapes, colors and thread them onto the jute twine. Register by 11/7.

November 10


Tree Easel

Let the inspiration of nature fuel their paintings. Getting outside can have a major influence on your thoughts and feelings. Let’s see the masterpiece your little ones may create when painting outdoors at Riverside Park. Register by 12/5.

December 8

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