Toddler Nature Series

Miller Center
9:30 AM
10:30 AM
Fish Art Printing (Gyotaku)   |  January 13  |  $7.00 LR  |  $9.00

Join us for a hands-on experience of Gyotaku (Gee-o-ta-ku) the traditional Japanese method of printing fish. Ink would be applied to one side of a freshly caught fish, then covered with rice paper and rubbed to create an exact image of the fish. Instead of real fish we use rubber replicas along with tempera paint. This is a great way to teach about basic fish anatomy, what living things need to live and grow and best of all, a chance to get messy! Register by 1/11.

Fish Art Printing


Magnifying Glass Exploration  |  January 27  |  $8.00 LR  |  $10.00

Encourage your child’s natural curiosity. Their brains have an innate need for exploration and observation. They will get a magnifying glass of their very own to take home. Using critical-thinking and fine-motor skills we will open up a whole new world for your child to see. Register by 1/25.

Magnifying Glass Exploration


Praying Mantis Puppet  |  February 10  |  $5.00 LR  |  $7.00

During this project your little bug lover can create a larger than life, moveable puppet version of a praying mantis. We will practice counting to six, work on fine motor skills using scissors and learn about insect anatomy and behavior. Register by 2/8.

Praying Mantis Puppet


Build a Toad Abode  |  February 24  |  $8.00 LR  |  $10.00

Creating a home for a toad is an easy, fun project and makes a charming addition to any garden. Having a toad hanging around your yard to catch bugs is very eco-friendly and gives children a fascinating creature to study. A single toad can eat hundreds of insects, slugs, and other pests per night. Register by 2/21.

Toad Abode


Painting with Natural Materials  |  March 10  |  $7.00 LR  |  $9.00

Challenge your children to paint without brushes or craft your own unique paint brushes using materials found in nature. We will provide a variety of natural materials to create a set of brushes with different textures and tips. Register by 3/7.

Painting with Natural Materials


Leaf Creatures  |  March 24  |  $6.00 LR  |  $8.00

Let your child’s creativity flow with this unbe-leaf-ably cute project. Change leaves into incredible pieces of art while learning to identify a leaf based on its silhouette. Is it a simple or a compound leaf? Lobed or unlobed? We’ll add some scientific study to the project and your little one will get an unwitting dose of education with their art. Register by 3/21.

Leaf Creatures

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