The Bee’s Knees of the Weeds | Fall Foraging

Miller Center
$45.00 LR | $55.00

Did you know that nature provides us with foods in the fall that are absolutely PACKED with vitamins and minerals which boost our immune system and fight off viruses, just in time for cold and flu season? In addition to learning about the mouth-watering foods available to you, you will also learn about how the hardy Plantain plant can be combined with lichen to create a cream for skin health, how most of our modern pharmaceuticals originated with plant compounds, and how you can put that to use for your own wellbeing.

In this lively, hands-on class, you will learn how to locate, identify, harvest, and use foraged goodies for both food and health, be given plenty of resources to enable you to begin foraging confidently on your own, AND be treated to an assortment of goodies created from wild harvested plants, fruits, and nuts! Register by 4 days before each program.

September 22 | 6:00pm

October 8 | 10:00am

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