Teddy Talks Series

Miller Center
2:30 PM
3:30 PM
Teddy Brose
Plant Based Diet  |  July 15

Learn the importance of a plant based diet with Dr. Teddy Brose. In this presentation, Dr. Brose will discuss how a plant based diet can aide a preventative lifestyle, and lead to a healthier body. During this time, there will be examples of staple foods in a plant based diet. Register 3 days in advance.

Plant Based Diet


Gluten: Disease vs. Intolerance  |  August 19

It is estimated that over 18 million Americans have gluten intolerance or sensitivity. Learn the symptoms of gluten intolerance, and the difference between gluten intolerance verses gluten disease with Dr. Teddy Brose, and how to eat to prevent or treat gluten intolerance. Advanced registration preferred. Drop-ins welcome.

Gluten Disease vs Intolerance