Tai Chi at Daniel’s Hill

Daniel's Hill Center
$25.00 LR | $38.00
6:30 PM
7:30 PM
Randy Dalton

This basics class is an introduction to various aspects of tai chi concepts while incorporating mindfulness with movements and practices which nurture health, balance, coordination, and emotional equanimity.

May 5–26

June 2–30

July 7–28

August 4–25

LYNCHBURG DOG PARKA quick update on our repairs

The small park is scheduled to open on March 22. The large park is scheduled to open on April 5. At that time, we will need to close the small park again to reseed the grass and establish a better turf. We have that project to be completed by June 7. The entire dog park will be open and available for use then.

SUMMER CAMPSWe have a camp for you.

Looking for a summer camp for your children after being in the house for weeks? We've got you covered. Click to find out more about our 2020 Summer Camps. Hurry, they fill up fast!

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