Paint the Park Project

Lynchburg Rotary Centennial Skate Park
All ages
Megan Heatwole

Skate parks have had a long tradition of serving as an urban canvas for public art that inspires our youth and improves our communities. In this Paint the Park Project, we’re calling on graffiti and street artists to design a custom mural that that compliments a feature in the park. Designs are encouraged to embrace our community and represent the project theme: “Inclusion, Expression, and Progression.”  A permit must be obtained to paint at the park. See rules and guidelines below for more information. 

“Art in Public inspires our youth and improves our communities. Research has shown that youth long to be recognized for their ideas, creativity and accomplishments. Street art is a visual art form that provides the youth with a way to express their fears, their hopes and their dreams. With proper guidance, this outlaw art has the potential to shift paradigms. Although graffiti is often perceived as vandalism, it remains an art form that requires skill, technique and tremendous commitment to master. Art in Public decorates our cities, attracts people, tells stories, and builds community.  When we provide a safe space for artist to create, we lessen the violence in our streets and provide a positive outlet for our young people.”


  • All who wish to paint at the Skate Park must fill out an application, and obtain a permission slip from the Parks & Recreation Department.
  • Permission slips must be present when painting.
  • Hours of painting will be from sunrise to sundown.
  • When designing your artwork consider the following theme: “Inclusion, Expression, Progression”
  • ARTISTS must be 18 years of age or older to use spray paint at our designated graffiti locations. Minors are encouraged to paint, but must have a parent or guardian present.
  • No drinking or possession of open alcoholic beverages.
  • No usage or sale of controlled substances.



  • Designs must be public friendly.
  • Designs may not contain any business promotions or advertisements.
  • Designs may not include any breach of intellectual property, brands or trademarks, or depictions of illegal activity.
  • Designs that depicts racism, hate, extreme violence, drug references, gang references, profanity or pornography are restricted.
  • If the final design differs greatly from the proposed design, the City of Lynchburg reserves the right to remove the artwork.



 To obtain a permit all artists must:

  • Fill out an application, submit a sketch of proposed design, and sign a waiver.
  • Restrict painting to designated and approved area.
  • Keep the area where they are painting free of all trash while painting and upon completion of their work regardless of whether the trash is theirs or not.
  • Stop painting and complete clean-up at least one half-hour prior to sundown.



If there is a particular section of the park you would like for your design please indicate the location on your application. Click here to view a map of the park!



Online Application

Print Application



For more information, please contact Megan Heatwole, Community Recreation Supervisor at (434) 455-5891 or email

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