Outdoor Skills Series

Ivy Creek Park
10 Essentials of Outdoor Travel  |  April 1  |  FREE  |  Ages 13+

Certain equipment deserves space in every pack, on every trip. The 10 Essentials are equipment that can be a lifesaver in an emergency; items that can help you in the event of minor injuries, sudden weather changes, or unexpected delays. Join us to discuss how The Ten Essentials has evolved from a list of individual items to a list of functional “systems” that you can tailor to any trip. Register by 3/30.

10 Essentials of Outdoor Travel

Survivor Saturday  |  April 3  |  $30.00 LR  |  $38.00  |  Ages 16+

You find yourself lost in the woods, what do you do now? Join us for a class that could save your life. An experienced instructor will guide beginners in practical tips and strategies that anyone who spends time in the wilderness should know. Learn what to pack for your 10-essentials. What are your emergency priorities? Get hands on experience locating drinking water and making an emergency shelter. Come prepared to get a little dirty. Register by 3/25.

Survivor Saturday


Primitive Fire Making  |  April 3  |  $15.00 LR  |  $18.00  |  Ages 16+

During this course you will create fire from nothing. You will be practicing the bushcraft skill of making fire using a bow drill, fire piston and ferro rod (think modern flint and steel) to create a smoldering ember. We will also make char cloth to take home and learn to create a fire nest to catch that ember. Register by 3/25.

Primitive Fire Making


Navigation–Map & Compass  |  April 15  |  $8.00  |  Ages 13+

Learn the lost art of navigating with a compass and map. A GPS receiver can tell you where you are on the planet, but might not tell you how to get where you want to be. When your battery dies, the trail peters out or is covered by snow, knowing how to find your own way will be vital. During this class you will learn to identify the basic parts of a compass, use your compass to orient your map, learn how contour lines let you visualize your terrain and other useful map details. Register by 4/13.

Navigation–Map & Compass


The Skill of Fire Building  |  April 29  |  $10.00 LR  |  $13.00  |  Ages 13+

Ever struggle to keep a fire going? A fire can be a place of warmth, a place to prepare food or the setting for a great story. Whether you’re on a camping trip, in the backyard or using your home fireplace the skill of building and maintaining a fire can be beneficial. Join us for tips and trick on lighting a fire, keeping it going and safely putting it out. In this class you will use matches or a lighter, to start and maintain a fire. Register by 4/27.

The Skill of Fire Building

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