Nature Toddler Series

Miller Center
9:30 AM
10:30 AM
Mud Pies  |  September 22  |  $5.00

There Will Be Mud. Let’s get messy with this hands-on sensory experience. Children will use their imaginations creating cakes, pies, and cookies with mud. Register by 9/19.

Mud Pies


Raised Salt Painting   |  October 6  |  $5.00

With this “process art activity” your children will produce their next masterpiece using creative thinking and experimentation. This will be a great way to introduce primary and secondary colors. Register by 10/3.

Raise Salt Painting


Applesauce Oobleck  |  October 20  |  $8.00 LR / $10.00

Oobleck, is it a solid, is it a liquid? Encourage your little one to develop their sense of touch by experiencing this new texture. With a few house hold items you will create this “non-Newtonian fluid” to take home. Register by 10/17.

Applesauce Oobleck


Do you want to build a…  |  November 3  |  $6.00 LR / $8.00

No winter gloves needed. Children will build a cotton ball snowman improving fine motor skills with this multimedia art project. Register by 10/31.

Do You Want to Build


Melted Snowman  |  November 17  |  $6.00 LR / $8.00

This winter sensory activity will give kids a chance to play with a “melted snowman” in the comfort of a warm classroom. Register by 11/14.

Melted Snowman


Snowflake Craft   |  December 1  |  $6.00 LR / $8.00

This winter activity using tape and paint will introduce symmetry and “negative space” to you toddlers. Register by 11/28.

Snowflake Craft

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