Futures Tennis

Peaks View Park
$75.00 LR | $90.00
Michael Jacob

Instructors will focus on motor skills and hand-eye-coordination while teaching the fundamentals of tennis including forehands, backhands, volleys, overheads and serves. More advanced orange ball and red ball players will also learn how to rally, play points, and score for match play.

Classes are taught using the Quickstart tennis balls, which allow for quicker development and fun while learning the game of tennis. This class is taught using the Quickstar Orange tennis balls on a 60′ court. Register by 3 days before class.

Monday & Wednesday

July 10–August 16 | 5:30pm

July 10–August 16 | 6:30pm


Tuesday & Thursday

July 11–August 17 | 5:30pm

July 11–August 17 | 6:30pm

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