Adult Open Play Volleyball

Linkhorne Middle School
$20.00 LR | $30.00
9/14/2019 - 11/10/2019

Volleyball players ages 18+, take this opportunity to come out and play volleyball without needing to be on a team. There will be no set teams, and players may have the opportunity to play with & against anyone else registered for the program. There are no officials and participants are asked to make honor calls. Register by 10/30.

Each week players will sign in on a sign-up sheet to form teams. The winning team would stay on the court and face the next team of challengers. Participants not on the court may sign up to form the next team(s) that will get to play.

  • The net will be set at the Co-Ed height.
  • Rally scoring will be used.
  • There will be a time or score limit per match, with the winners remaining on the court for a max of 3 series. A match will end with a winning score of 15 points or at the 10 minute mark (minimum winning score is 5 points; if 5 points have not been scored up to 1 minute of bonus play is given); teams are only required to win by 1 point.


To help ensure that all participants get an opportunity to touch the ball, the following rules will be in place.

  • The first name on the sign-up sheet for their team will serve first.
  • A winning team that is staying on the court to face a new challenger must rotate and begin the next series with a fresh / new starting server.
  • A team who serves 3 straight points, will retain the serve, but must rotate the server. Players can only serve 3 straight points and then must rotate. The number of players on the court in any given series may vary based upon the number of participants that are present at the gym at the time.


Ideally, we want to have people playing 6 v 6; and would prefer for each side to play with an equal number of male & females on the court at a time