A Holistic Approach to Stress and Anxiety

Miller Center
$15.00 LR | $19.00
7:00 PM
8:30 PM
Lauren Platanos

Join Certified Health Coach Lauren Platanos to learn a holistic approach to reducing stress and anxiety. Discover how to implement holistic routines rooted in wisdom from Ayurveda and circadian medicine to naturally bring balance and calm to your mind and body. Experience firsthand a variety of cortisol-reducing relaxation techniques you can use whenever you need to feel more grounded and peaceful, such as breathwork, mindfulness practices, aromatherapy and essential oils, and more. Participants will each take home an essential oil emotional support roller. Register by 11/30.


Lauren Platanos is a holistic health coach on a mission to help others live more peacefully, seasonally, and naturally. She graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2016 and started her online health coaching practice, Heal Peacefully, the same year. Through her coaching practice, she works with women virtually to help them reduce stress, adopt nutrition and lifestyle practices in alignment with daily and seasonal rhythms, implement life detox strategies, and reach their personal vision of health and wellness. In her free time, Lauren enjoys spending quality with her favorite people and pets, walking or rollerblading at Blackwater Creek Trail, making delicious oat milk chai lattes, and traveling to visit friends or to explore the world.


Safety is the top priority at Lynchburg Parks and Recreation as we continue to serve our community members with quality programs. We have implemented the following safety protocols for all of our in-person recreation programs: Assumption of Risk forms, daily health screening questionnaire, social distanced classroom set-up, face mask requirements, hand sanitation stations on site, and regular cleaning of the facilities.

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