Tap | 50+

Miller Center
$36.00 LR | $45.00 Session / $8.00 LR | $9.00 Drop In
11:00 AM
12:00 PM
Kimberly Sheppard

A wonderful reintroduction to dance for older adults who have some prior or extensive dance experience. Class is offered at a gentle pace and builds upon more complex combinations and choreography. Steps may be modified to fit ability level. Experience the health benefits of regular tap dance exercise such as strengthening the legs and feet, cardiovascular conditioning, mind/body coordination, and flexibility.

Register for the entire 6-week session or use the daily drop-in feature for single days of the class. Advance registration preferred.

*Scholarships are available. Please inquire by calling 434-455-5858.

May 14–June 18

July 9–August 13

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