1. Contestants must pre-register in order to enter the contest. Registration the day of the event is not permitted. The deadline for registration is 10/15/2017.
  2. Health Department regulations have dictated the following sanitary standards that must be adhered to or teams will be disqualified. In accordance with Virginia Department of Health guidelines, teams must have the following at their tables for use while preparing and serving:
  3. Hand Sanitizer
  4. A food thermometer
  5. Disinfectant spray for preparation surfaces (e.g., Lysol, bleach and water, etc.)
  6. Plastic gloves for serving
  7. Overhead covering or a tent
  8. Parks and Recreation will provide 3 oz. tasting cups. Tokens will be provided to the public for People’s Choice judging.
  9. Teams are encouraged but not required, to name their chili/beans and decorate their plot to reflect that name.
  10. Each contestant or team must provide a listing of all of the ingredients for the public to prevent potential allergic reactions.
  11. In accordance with VDH standards, the public should be kept away from any food prep area.
  12. Chili must be made on-site and kept at 135 degrees or higher. Any foods not kept in the appropriate temperatures for four hours or more must be discarded.
  13. No bare hand contact with ready to eat foods is allowed.
  14. All wiping cloths must be kept in a sanitizing solution. VDH standard is one teaspoon of bleach per gallon of water. Please see the additional VDH attachment outlining sanitation requirements for temporary food establishments as a guideline for washing, drying and sanitizing.
  15. All food and single service items must be kept off the ground surface.
  16. Participants must produce 2-3 gallons of chili.
  17. Contestants are responsible for supplying all cooking utensils and equipment (crock pots, burners etc) Power is available to use on site. Please bring outdoor extension cords if you have them.
  18. All teams must provide their own hand washing station which will include soap, a roll of paper towels, wastebasket, and warm water that can flow freely to allow for hand washing.
  19. Each team will be provided a jar for the public to put tokens in for their favorite chili.
  20. The head cook on the team must be at least 18 years of age.
  21. VDH requirements for washing station and food sanitation is attached to the bottom of this document.



  • Chili will be judged by popular vote.
  • There will also be a separate award for the team with the most creative theme and design.


VDH Requirements for Sanitation

Each temporary establishment shall have:

Three (3) dish pans or buckets for cleaning and sanitizing utensils and cooking implements.


  1. WASH


  1. RINSE





Sanitizing solution – It is recommended to use at least 50 ppm of chlorine, which is approximately one (1) tablespoon (capful) of regular chlorine bleach, per gallon of water (any brand is acceptable, no scented varieties). As it is not an exact science, vendors should purchase and use chlorine test trips to ensure the proper concentration levels. Do not add soap or detergent to the bleach water because soap makes the bleach ineffective as a sanitizing agent.

Paper towels – For drying hands after washing.

Large Bucket with tight-fitting lid – For holding used wash-water and transporting it to the designated disposal site. NEVER DISPOSE OF WASTE-WATER ONTO THE GROUND.

Insulated container with a dispensing spout for hot water to be used for hand and equipment washing.