The Tree Hugging Hippies Were Right After All | Part I
This the first post in a six part blog introducing the Lynchburg Parks and Recreation Department’s, “Please Do Hug the Trees” campaign. The blog gives background…
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Stay Active this Winter with Lynchburg Parks and Recreation
Many find it easy to abandon their New Year's resolution to stay fit when winter rolls around.  This is especially true during winter as temperatures drop below freezing and mother nature seems…
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Free Classes During our Health & Wellness Week
Hi-YAH! That's right- judo chops and round-house kicks are some of the many skills you can learn  during our Health & Wellness Week from January 4-8 at…
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Learn About Wellness with Lynchburg Parks and Recreation
If you're seeking inspiration to actually fulfill that new years resolution to lose weight, or do something you've never done before (like running the Point of…
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