Stakeholder Meetings / Focus Groups

Community engagement is key to developing a great parks and trail master plan. Planned community engagement involves individual City leaders and staff interviews, focus groups, stakeholder meetings, Pop-Ups, park and trail tours, public meetings and on-line engagements and survey questionnaires. Lose Designs initial visit to Lynchburg March 16–19 will include these invite-only focus groups and stakeholder meetings:

  1. Community Wellness Hubs at the Neighborhood Centers Focus Group
  2. Partner Groups Needs Focus Group
  3. Accessibility and Inclusion Focus Group
  4. Environmental Sustainability Stakeholder Meeting
  5. Maintenance Overview and Park and Trail Build Out Stakeholder Meeting
  6. Big Ideas (10 Minute Walk, James River Whitewater Course, Lynchburg Trail Loop, and Blueways) Stakeholder meeting.