Gathering Perspective

The Lynchburg Parks and Recreation Needs Assessment and Comprehensive Park Master Plan process kicks off March 1, 2021.  After seven consultant companies submitted proposals for the project, a team of City Directors vetted and chose Lose Design out of Nashville Tennessee to conduct the process and develop the plan. Some criteria that made Lose Design stand out from their competition is:

  1. Lose has served over 1000 communities on parks and recreation projects since 1982.
  2. Lose has created over 100 Comprehensive Park and Recreation Master Plans.
  3. The Lose Design project team includes well respected parks and recreation professionals like; Chris Camp, Barbara Heller and Lisa Paradis.


Overall, the Lose Design team’s involvement in NRPA and their national experience provides them a broad perspective, gathering the best ideas from many areas of the country. Lose Design’s regional location and previous work in Virginia provides them with a deeper understanding of our departmental concerns and opportunities to address them.