The dog park is located at the
Blackwater Creek Athletic Area (BCAA).
515 Monticello Ave
Lynchburg, VA 24503

The BCAA has restroom and water fountain facilities and a large parking lot. There are athletic fields and a gazebo. The dog park section is about one acre and is located in the open field opposite the athletic fields, to the NE of the parking lot.
The BCAA is located not far from midtown. Although it is just off one of the city’s main arteries–Route 221/Lakeside Dr–it is tucked away off the beaten path on Monticello Avenue.

Please note: BCAA is a city park and you must keep your dog leashed and follow all park rules. Once you enter the dog park’s fenced entry port you may remove your dog’s leash. Your dog may only  run off-leash within the fenced area.