Zombie Laser Tag

Riverside Park
6:00 PM
9:30 PM

Walking Dead fans, be you zombie or survivor, we invite you to come out for a fun evening of zombie slaying in Riverside Park! Players must register as a team with a minimum of four players and a maximum of six. Each team will get at least three rounds of game play. Youth and family teams will play first and teen and adult teams will follow. It’s sure to be a ghoulishly  good time! Register by 10/23.

  • Dress warm!
  • Bring a flashlight or headlamp, it’s going to get dark.
  • Zombies will be distinguished with green glow sticks, Hunter Team 1 with red glow sticks and Hunter Team 2 with blue glow sticks.
  • Costumes are encouraged, and prizes can be won for the following categories:
  1. Scariest zombie
  2. Funniest zombie
  3. Best zombie couple
  4. Best zombie hunter
  5. Best zombie hunter team



Summary: The game is played like a big round of capture the flag with zombies! Each zombie hunter team will have a home base on opposite sides of the playing field. The goal is to retrieve the designated objects (which will glow) for survival and make it back safely to your team’s bunker. Every team is playing for themselves. Strategy is encouraged.

  • Each team is guaranteed three 7 minute rounds of game play.
  • Zombies get unlimited lives, and can only be disabled by 2 shots to the head.
  • When a zombie or hunter is attacked they are disabled from game play and must return to home base for 15 seconds.
  • Hunters can be attacked or disabled if a zombie comes within 5–7 feet.
  • Every team will participate in one round as zombies (with headbands) and 2 rounds as hunters.
  • Zombies are able to run and seek hiding places!



While you are awaiting your turn, you can roast smores, drink cider, take funny team photos or get a flesh wound tattoo.


The laser tag equipment is not waterproof. In the catastrophic event that it does rain you, or the team captain, will be notified of relocation or a “rain date.” Expect to receive a phone call from Parks & Rec. staff. You can also call the cancellation line at (434) 455-5860 ext. 5893.