Therapeutic Recreation

4:30 PM
5:30 PM
Rachel Smith

Therapeutic Recreation is a process that adapts programs for those with special needs. These fun and adaptive programs allow participants to fully engage in fun, recreational activities with minimal assistance. Programs are intended to foster a sense of accomplishment, while improving mental and cognitive abilities in a safe and nurturing environment. Parent, guardian, or care taker is required to attend. Ages 10+. Advance registration is required. Register 3 days in advance.

Sensory Play  |  Sept. 21
Seeing, hearing, touch, taste and smell. Five words that describe everything that makes up how we perceive the world. Bring your child to play in their five senses in an afternoon class, focused on understanding the different sensations, sounds, tastes, and scents. Each child will make their own beach dough to take home. Parent, guardian, or care taker required. Register by 9/19.
Pumpkin Rice Crispy Treats  |  Oct. 29
Celebrate Fall in a fun yummy way! Each participant will start off the class by making a batch of rice treats and then coloring them and molding them into the shape of a pumpkin. Register by 10/25.
Pottery  |  Nov. 9
Pottery is a therapeutic outlet for many children, and adults with special needs. It allows focus on one project at a time, and is perfect for participants to release some energy. Participants will learn how to wedge, mold, slab, and hand build clay, and will have a final project at the end of the class to take home and let dry. Register by 11/5.
Positive Paint  |  Dec. 10
Painting is a soothing activity for all, and is a wonderful way to let out emotions. Come paint your favorite holiday themed picture in your favorite colors! All supplies included. Register by 12/7.