Stained Glass Panel

The Art Studio @ Jackson Heights
$130.00 LR | $145.00
Varies - Varies
6:00 PM
9:00 PM
Carter Martin

Learn to cut, grind and solder to create a colorful window hanging. Students are taught on a low student to teacher ratio, with approximately 24 hours of studio time with instruction in glass properties, cutting, grinding, foiling, and soldering. Each student is encouraged to work at his/her own pace on their own project. Register by 3 days in advance.



About the Instructor

Carter Martin has been involved as a participant and a teacher with the Lynchburg Parks and Recreation Department for over 40 years! Her love for stained glass started from admiring the beautiful windows at church. She signed up for her first stained glass class at Lynchburg Parks & Rec. She recalls, “My first piece was not exact, something only a Mother would love.  I knew I needed another class to improve on my cutting skills.  Then I was addicted! Pretty soon I had my supplies at home but still signed up for every class that was offered.” Carter took over as the primary stained glass instructor after the previous instructor retired.  She loves teaching, meeting new people, making friends, helping students to become “addicts” and watching their skills progress into bigger and better pieces.