Snow Tubing at Wintergreen Resort

Meet at Miller Center
02/25/2017 - 02/25/2017
11:00 AM
06:30 PM

Make it a snow day at Wintergreen Mountain Resort, Virginia’s largest tubing park, and then enjoy local craft beer and dinner at The Devils Backbone Brewing Company. We will meet up and depart from Miller Center Parking lot at 11:00am. After a 90 minute tubing session guests will head down the mountain to Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company for dinner and drinks. We will return to Miller Center by 6:30pm. Meals and drinks are on your own. Register by 2/20.

Lynchburg Parks & RecreationRemember to dress warm! To ensure you have a great day on the hill follow these recommendations:

Layers: Don’t let yourself get cold to the bone, dress in layers. This rule is the best advice for staying warm, plus, it allows you to peel off something if you get too warm without sacrificing wind or moisture protection.

Wicking Layer (long underwear): This layer should pass moisture away from your skin. Polypropylene or wool undergarments give you a dry layer next to your skin for more warmth. Don’t wear cotton– it gets cold when wet and very slow to dry.

Insulating Layer (middle layer): Polyester pile, fiberfill, wool, thinsulate, etc. are materials that will keep you warm and dry quickly. Down is a good insulator, but unprotected down will wet quickly and is slow to dry.

Protective Layer (shell): Keeps wind, rain and snow out. Rain gear should be large enough to fit over all your clothes and should have a hood.

Socks: If your feet get cold it can ruin your day, so don’t take shortcuts with footwear. Wool socks are a must as they keep moisture away from your feet as well as provide warmth. Ski socks are generally thin and help provide a good fit inside your boots. Cotton socks are not recommended.

Gloves: Similar to your feet, having cold hands is no way to spend your day. To keep your hands warm and dry, wear polypropylene liners underneath mittens. Carry a pair of waterproof over mitts. Mittens are warmer than gloves!

Hat: Generally speaking, your head is the greatest source of heat loss on the body, so keep it covered to stay warm. 

Eyewear: White snow is BRIGHT so get a better perspective on the hill with sunglasses. 

Learn not to burn: Not only are you closer to the sun, when you are in the mountains, but light reflects off the white snow even when it’s cloudy. Protect your skin and lips with sunscreen and lip salve.                                                                                  

-Information courtesy of Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe