Outdoor Survival 101 Series

Ivy Creek Park
$5.00 per class
4/20/2019 | 4/27/2019
DIY Fire Starters  |  April 20
Fire starters are the key to building a roaring campfire. Learn how to make them to fit different situations on the trail, using recycled materials. As a bonus, you’ll see how easy it is to make your own waterproof matches. All materials provided. Register by 4/18.

Build Your Own Stove  |  April 20
Want to cut back on weight on your next backpacking trip? Find out how to build a durable, lightweight backpacking stove from recyclable household items. Learn from an experienced instructor how to build 4 different stoves and the different fuels available! Register by 4/18. 



Ten Essentials for the Trail  |  April 27
What would you do if your casual day hike turned into an overnight disaster? With these 10 essential items you’ll be prepared for most survival situations. Taught by experienced outdoorswomen. All materials provided. Register by 4/25.



Pack Your Backpack  |  April 27
Is your heavy pack weighing you down? Learn the essentials of packing your backpack to hit the trails with a new bounce in your step. All materials provided. Participants are welcome to bring their own pack. Register by 4/25.