Meditation & Reiki Healing | Fall

Miller Center Room 304
09/11/2017 - 12/18/2017
06:30 PM
07:30 PM
All Ages

Learn to live in good health and harmony by joining us on Monday nights for a quiet meditation session. This gentle healing energy helps to relieve stress, body pain, and depression. Reiki is a 2,500-year-old Tibetan healing art. It is not a religion, nor does it require a belief system to work. Bring a friend or meet a friend and let us help you help yourself. The first healing circle  is open to everyone. For any questions, call Samuel at (540) 520-8725 or visit

Weekly Schedule:

1st Monday for Veterans, Fire, and Police
2nd Monday especially for Seniors
3rd Monday for Everyone
4th Monday for Everyone

This free session is sponsored by the Loving Touch Center International School of Reiki.

About the Instructor:

Samuel is the founder, Reiki master teacher, and interfaith minister of Loving Touch Center. he is also a clinical hypnotherapist and a nationally known teacher, lecturer, and author. He has received wide recognition for his use of psychic abilities and channeled insights to help others. He has attracted students from all over the world, gaining attention from television and radio. Samuel is noted for his innovative inner child work in his Awareness and Beyond workshop. He shares with his audience the basis for his successful techniques for helping clients move through their issues more quickly or to closure.