Kids in the Kitchen Series

Community Room 102 @ Miller Center
1/16/2019 | 2/21/2019 | 3/19/2019
Super Bowl Snacks | Jan. 16

With the big game right around the corner let the kids get in on planning the party! In this ramped up session kids will practice following a recipe and explore adding their own unique touches. We will make two different snacks and a kid friendly beverage to serve at your Super Bowl Party or next gathering. Children are encouraged to wear their favorite team’s colors. Supplies provided. Register by 1/13.

Super Bowl Snacks


Winter Soups | Feb. 21

Take chicken noodle soup and kick it up a notch! We will start with the basics, chicken and broth then add ginger, lime, coconut milk, and rice noodles to make a soup that will go beyond this winter classic. Supplies provided. Register 2/18.

Winter Soups


Gourmet Grilled Cheese | Mar. 19

Grilled cheese is a classic but what happens when you go beyond white bread and Kraft singles? During this session children will try new cheeses and experiment with different fillings to add to their grilled cheese. There will be some demonstrations and taste testing before each child constructs their own gourmet grilled cheese. Supplies provided. Register by noon on 3/15.

Gourmet Grilled Cheese