I Spy Series

$5.00 per activity
Owls are a Hoot!  |  Jan. 25  |  7:00pm–8:00pm

Who whoo is out there? Grab a friend and join us on an Owl Prowl through Riverside Park. Whooo knows, maybe they’ll answer back! Children must sign-up with an adult participant. Register by 1/23.

Owls are a Hoot!


Full Moon Hike  |  March 22  |  8:30pm–9:30pm

Explore Riverside Park by the full moon! We’ll take a walk through the park and explore the sights and sounds of the night. Children must sign-up with an adult participant. Register by 3/20.

Full Moon Hike


Toddler Treasure Hunt!  |  April 6  |  10:00am–11:00am

I spy with my little eye. Hunt for hidden treasures on the trail using clues to guide the way. This multi-sensory exploration program introduces your toddler to the natural world and promotes outdoor play. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Register by 4/4.

Toddler Treasure Hunt!


Birding for Beginners  |  April 13  |  10:00am–11:00am

Do you wish you knew more about your little flying friends? Join us to learn the basics of bird identification; we’ll show you what to look and listen for, how to properly use binoculars, and how to get started with this great pastime! All materials provided. All family members are required to pre-register. All materials provided. Register by 4/11.

Birding for Beginners