Gardens of the World Series

Templeton Senior Center
10:30 AM
11:30 AM
Susan Timmons
The Riviera  |  April 9

Envision the beauty of the Mediterranean coastline and explore the gardens of Spain, France, Monaco, and Italy. Susan Timmons shares her travels and breathtaking pictures of this spectacular part of the world. Register by 4/8.

The Riviera

Lynchburg Living  |  May 21

Susan Timmons discusses our local plants and how to use them to create a beautiful, sustainable landscape with native plants. Register by 5/19.

Lynchburg Living

Jungle Home of Borneo  |  June 4

Known as the Garden City, Christchurch, New Zealand boasts a multitude of colorful flowers and foliage. Both tourist and residents alike can enjoy the amazing colors as homes, businesses, and factories vie for the most impressive displays. Susan Timmons shares today’s travel adventure. Register by 6/3.

Jungle Home of Borneo

Glimpses of Antarctica  |  August 20

Retreat from the summer heat while you spend an hour enjoying Glimpses of Antarctica: The Power and Intrigue of Ice, Light, And Vast Silence–Shared with Penguins, Orcas, and other Wildlife (What are the implications of Climate Change?) Register by 8/19.

Glimpses of Antarctica