Community Herbalism

Classroom 304 @ Miller Center
$12.00 LR | $15.00
1/23/19 - 4/24/19
6:00 PM
8:00 PM

Intro to Herbalism  |  1/23

Health is a spectrum. Our bodies can benefit from so many different things. Herbalism is just one of many natural ways to help keep our bodies healthy. Join this class to get the basics down and learn more about how it can help you and your family. At the end of class you will go home with a herbal tea to get your journey started. Supplies provided. Register by 1/17.

Intro to Herbalism


Herbal Immunity  |  2/27

Herbs can be a valuable tool to assist us in navigating cold and flu season. Many herbs have significant anti-viral and anti-microbial benefits that can get us back on our feet in times of wellness decline. In this class we will cover herbs and remedies that boost the immune system to help encourage a speedy recovery from colds, flus, and other common viral infections. You will get to take a special folk remedy home with you! Bring a cup for tasting. Supplies provided.

Herbal Immunity


Sleep, Stress, & Anxiety  |  3/27

This class will cover the nervous system and the other systems involved in feeling stress-free and getting a great nights sleep. We will cover herbs specific to nervous system relaxation, herbs to help you get to sleep at night, herbs for anti-anxiety, and how to blend herbs for a perfect cup of relaxing sleepy time tea. You will get to take a bedtime tea blend home! Bring a cup for tasting, your friends, a pen and paper to make notes, and any questions that you may have. Register by 3/24.

Sleep, Stress, & Anxiety


Starting Your Own Herb Garden  |  4/24

Growing herbs in the earth or in pots can be a valuable way to have fresh herbal medicine at your fingertips. There is very little as special as growing your own plants from seed and then making teas and other remedies from them when the time is right. In this class, we will discuss a handful of herbs that grow easily in the Virginian climate and their medicinal benefits. You will get to take away seed packets to start you own herbal garden at home. Bring a cup for tasting, a pen, paper, a friend, and any questions you might have! Register by 4/21.

Starting Your Own Herb Garden