Breaking the Guinness World Record for World’s Largest Tree Hug

Peaks View Park, Ardmore Entrance
04/29/17 - 04/29/17
03:00 PM
08:00 PM
All Ages

On April 29, 2017, Lynchburg Parks and Recreation is attempting the Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Tree Hug at Peaks View Park from 3pm – 8pm. This event is open to attendees of all ages and is FREE to attend.

What’s going on at this event?

Join us as we attempt to break the World Record with the most people hugging trees in one place at the same time, and then celebrate at our after party! We’ll have live music, food trucks, inflatables, make-and-take crafts and interactive activities, demos, vendors, and much more! What else is going on at the after party? You can climb a rock wall, hit the trail on a mountain bike demo, chill out in our hammock lounge, enjoy a craft beer, or even make a rain barrel. But, that’s not all! End the night with a free showing of ‘The Lorax’ at our Movie in the Park and (also free) camp out under the stars with your friends and family! Please note, you must register to camp out at the event. 

Check out our event map here for more information on what’s going on at the event

Visit the Event Website Register to Attend the Event Register to Camp Out


The attempt for the World’s Largest Tree Hug record puts our “Please Do Hug the Trees” campaign efforts into action, and will allow us to share our love for nature (and for the trees) with the community in a fun, engaging way. Make history with us this April and show the world what a real tree-hugging community looks like!

Looking for CSER or Community Service hours? Register to volunteer for this event here.



Why should I participate?

We’re calling out to our nature-lovers, our tree-huggers, and anyone else interested in taking part of history with us. Join us at this event for live music, vendors, food trucks, community-building, free activities and programs, and – the best part – for the Guinness World Record attempt. There’s truly something for everyone! Oh, did we forget to mention – it’s FREE!

Who can participate?

Anyone! Register by visiting Please keep in mind that, per Guinness World Records, all participants must stand for the full attempt. Also, children under the age of 5 may attend but do not need to be registered.

Where do I register?

Register by visiting If you don’t pre-register, you can always drop in the day of. Pre-registration just promises an expedited check-in at the gates.

Do I need to register my kids?

All children may attend. Children under the age of 5 do not need to be registered.

Where do I park?

There are many parking zones available for this event. On-site, you can park at the Tenbury Drive or the Ivy Creek Lane parking lots. Off-site, we will utilize the Walmart parking lot, as well as street parking. A shuttle service will be available to help get everyone to the event.

Will handicapped parking be available?

Handicap parking will be available for those with State Issued handicap tags in the Ardmore entrance parking lot.

How does this work?

All participants will be checked-in and given a wristband with a participant number and a zone number. Participants will be assigned to a zone of 50 people or less, and will be escorted to this zone, located within the park, by one of our event Stewards at 5pm. Before that, participants are free to roam the park and visit with any of our vendors! Once all participants have arrived at their zone by 5:30pm, we will sound an alarm across the park to declare the beginning of our World Record attempt. After one minute, a second alarm will sound to declare the end of the attempt. 

To participate, every attendee must simultaneously hug a tree, maintaining that hug for the entire 60 seconds. Any individuals who do not participate fully for the entire time must be deducted from the final total number of participants. Participants must also stand during the attempt. Participants should have their arms spread completely around the trunk of a tree for the entire attempt. More than one participant is allowed to hug the same tree, but each participant must have enough space to spread his/her arms around the tree trunk without touching another participant. Your assigned Steward will supervise your group during the attempt to ensure full participation.

Once the second alarm sounds, everyone is free to celebrate with us at our after-party from 5:30pm to 8:00pm, featuring live music, vendors, food trucks, community-building, free activities, demos, and programs, and more! We will announce more on the schedule and list of events for this celebration closer to the event. Stay tuned for more information.