Black Minds Matter

Craft Room @ College Hill Center
2/12/19 - 4/9/19
6:00 PM
9:00 PM

Parks and Recreation and Virginia Cooperative Extension co-present Black Minds Matter. This 9-part webinar series is offered as a public service to those who are interested in the success of Black boys and men in education.

This webinar series was developed as a course of study by Dr. Luke Wood, Distinguished Professor of Education at San Diego State University. The course draws parallels between issues faced by Black males in society and the ways that Black minds are engaged in the classroom–from preschool to doctoral education.

2/12  |  Foundations of Black Male Success | Miller Center
2/19  |  Linking Black Lives and Black Minds | College Hill Center
2/26  |  Foundations of Black Male Research and Practice | Daniel’s Hill Center
3/5    |  Ascription of Intelligence | Miller Center
3/12  |  Assumptions of Criminality | College Hill Center
3/19  |  Campus Climates and Non-Cognitive Outcomes | Daniel’s Hill Center
3/26  |  Promising Practices for Teaching and Learning | Miller Center
4/2    |  Holistic Support for Black Male Learners | College Hill Center
4/9    |  Advancing Black Male Policy, Support and Research | Daniel’s Hill Center