Adult Softball

Peaks View Park
Lynchburg Resident $400.00 / Non-Resident $15.00
Varies - Varies

Batter Up! Come out to Peaks View Park and play in Lynchburg’s most popular adult softball program. Looking to play for fun? Our recreational leagues would be perfect for you. We also offer more competitive leagues for those that are in it to win it. All leagues play two games per week with most playing doubleheaders. Teams play 20 games, April through August. 

All meetings and registration will take place at the Athletic offices in Miller Center located at 301 Grove St.  Registration is in-person only. 

Important dates:
Advisory Meeting for returning coaches: 2/22 at 6:00pm 
Informational Meeting: 3/1 – 6:00pm
Registration for returning teams: 3/6 – 3/10 from 4:00-6:00pm
Registration for new teams: 3/13 – 3/17 from 4:00-6:00pm
Coaches meeting :  4/12 – 6:00pm

Monday Co-Ed (D1)
Tuesday Men’s (D2)
Wednesday Co-Ed (D2)
Wednesday Men’s (D1)
Thursday Men’s (D2)
Friday Co-Ed (D3)

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Be Advised:

Due to a number of scheduled weekend tournaments including the Virginia Commonwealth Games in July, several holidays that fall on a Friday, as well as the constant possibility of rainouts that threaten the Friday league’s ability to play an uninterrupted season;  we have made some changes to the way the Friday league will operate this season.

This season:

  • The Friday league will be broken into two smaller seasons.
  • Each team will have the option to either play Season 1 which will start on April 22nd and end with a tournament in June, play Season 2 which will start on July 29 and end with a tournament in September, or play both season 1 and 2.
  • If your team chooses to play only Season 1 or Season 2; the registration fee will be cut in half to $200 per team.
  • If your team decides to play both seasons, the fee will remain $400 per team.
  • There will still be a 10 team maximum for each season, but each season will only consist of 10 games.
  • All players must play in at least 3 games in the first or second season (6 games if you choose both seasons) to be eligible for either of the tournaments.
  • In addition, while each team will still play a double header each night; you will no longer play the same team twice, but instead will play two different teams each night. This also means that you may have to switch fields, but we plan to allow time between games for necessary travel to the next field.
  • This will allow all teams the ability to play every team in their league, and will help eliminate the possibility of going weeks between games due to the issues already stated.


 Additional information is also posted on under the Adult Softball link, and is something to consider when picking your night to play. If you have any questions or concerns about this or any other softball related issues; please feel free to contact us here in the Athletics Department and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have.



My employer would like to sponsor a team, are the fees per person or team fees and how do we go about doing this?
Registration fees are for an entire team, however, any person on your team that lives outside the city will be required to pay an additional $15 county player fee before being allowed to play in the league. Your employer would need to email, fax, or mail a letter to us letting us know that they will be sponsoring your team, what sport they will be sponsoring, and the amount that they will be paying. Any amount over what they will pay will need to be paid before registration can be completed and this includes any county player fees if necessary. They can make a check out to the City of Lynchburg and mail it at our attention to the Miller Center, (add address)
What days of the week are games played?
 Softball- Monday thru Friday at Peaksview Park
What is the maximum number of teams allowed in each league?
 Softball- 10 (except for Wednesday which will only allow for up to 6 co-ed teams and 6 men’s teams)
Why are we limiting the number of Softball teams per league this season?
In order to allow each team to play every team in their league and have a balanced schedule we can allow no more than 10 teams per league with the above exception.



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