Please Do Hug The Trees

In 2015, the City’s Communications and Marketing Department presented the results of the National Citizen Survey; a community-wide survey polling the Lynchburg community about their perception of various city services.

Lynchburg Parks and Recreation received a low score on “preservation of natural areas.” In the field of parks and recreation, we have three pillars that anchor our profession; conservation (preservation), health /wellness and social equity. Local, state, and national parks services are charged with making significant contributions to upholding these pillars. Given that conservation/preservation is a pillar of parks and recreation, this low grade was unacceptable.

Local parks and recreation, in particular, are uniquely positioned to provide critical frontline services and resources to bolster these three pillars and impact collective community health. The programs and places of Lynchburg Parks and Recreation combat some of our City and nation’s toughest challenges like obesity, poverty, loneliness, and environmental sustainability. Lynchburg’s natural areas, trails, and parks are gateways to a healthy, prosperous, and connected community. The “Please Do Hug the Trees” campaign is our solution to address the issue of preservation and environmental sustainability.